Cross Contamination From Human Touch - Vexall Infectious Disease AntimicrobialProtection

 VexAll Antimicrobial is the only Proactive Disinfectant,
keeping you safe in the future.

VexAll AntiMicrobial is 99.96% effective, safe on ALL surfaces,
for 90 days per application.  Nothing else comes close.



Before VexAll Antimicrobial, surfaces only stayed clean until the next time someone touched that surface, or sneezed, or breathed in an area.  Then, surfaces needed to be cleaned again to be safe.  We've lived this way our whole lives, all surfaces are potential threats to spreading contagious microbes (viruses, germs, and bacteria) - making us sick and even leading to death (99,000 deaths in 2012 due to Hospital Acquired Infection).




The VexAll Breakthrough:  With VexAll Applied to your facility, treated areas STAY disinfected for 90 days!  VexAll's patented formula bonds on a molecular level with all surfaces in a treated area and continues to kill microbes day after day, week after week... even after being touched or cleaned with harsh cleaners.  Whether you run a multi-million dollar medical facility, or even if to treat your home and know you're continuously protected - we have you covered. 

It's more than killing microbes and germs, it's our basic human instinct to protect one another.

Provide safety to everyone who comes in contact with you,
your business, your life.

VexAll's patented formula is non-toxic, EPA Registered, odorless, safe for electronics and all surfaces, safe for humans-pets-animals, and biodegradable.
Here are some industries directly benefiting from VexAll Antimicrobial:

  • Medical/Hospital Facilities
  • Dental Offices
  • Educational Facilities
  • Food Prep / Distribution
  • International Airport Terminals
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Residential Homes (Your house!)
  • Athletic and Sports Facilities
  • Correctional Institutions

VexAll Benefits

  • Reduce or Eliminate HAI's
  • 99.96% Effective Protection
  • Mitigate Liability
  • 90 Day Protection
  • EPA Registered
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Odorless
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Non-invasive application

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Every person who walks into your facility is at risk of infectious disease, whether it's a hospital or your home, or your restaurant.

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